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Re: '90 90Q / Radio LCD Light

This will be the third time I wrote about this; here's the last message I
Once the radio is out (remember to deprogram it, or make sure you have the
the radio code, depending on the vintage of the Weisbaden unit you have.
Pull of the volume/balance knobs and (If I remember) the bass/treble knobs.
Next, unscrew the brackets at each end of the radio. Now, the plastic
nosepiece comes off; pry around the edges and pull the radio nosepiece
towards you until you can pull it off (recommend starting at one end and
working your way around the circumference).

With the nosepiece off, you should see the screws that hold the LCD display
to the metal case; unscrew them and you should see the little bulb behind

Biggest problem I ran into was the length of the wires running to the bulb;
ther is NOT much slack.  Cut off the wires close to the bulb as possible.
I used a Radio S**t bulb that goes into a PC board; part no. 272-1154
(however, Hans-J Tannenberger mentioned part no. 272-1092B as a very
close substitute.

Screw the faceplate back on and clip the nosepiece back in place. CAUTION -
DON'T pinch any of the wires going to the bulb; the nosepiece can easily do
this and possibly cause a short.

Have Fun!

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com) 
1990 Coupe Quattro       

In a message dated 96-11-19 14:01:44 EST, you write:

  The stock radio LCD display light for night driving is inop.  Recent
 from the list have pertained to fixing other tiny lights; anyone ever
 this fix or is this one for the radio shop?  
 Dan Cooke
 '90 90Q20V (wife)
 '86 4KCSQ  (mine)