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Re: Batteries

> I used to think highly of Sears Diehards but the last two I have had
> experience with have been duds. If I leave my car unattended for two weeks
> the battery will be nearly dead when I return. The car starts strong in
> regular use, though....

This comes up every now and then.  Diehard batteries used to be made by
Johnson Controls and were very good, but now they are made by Exide (I
think) and seem to have quality control problems.  There was a Diehard in
the car when I bought it, and it died shortly afterwards at the tender
age of ten months.  Johnson Controls manufactures the automotive line
of one of the name brands (Energizer? Eveready?), so if you read the
fine print on the battery you should be able to get one.

Usual disclaimers -- I haven't bought a battery recently so I haven't
verified the above.  I'm using another Diehard just because it was free
under warranty.