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Re: foreign market Audi's

At 02:25 PM 19/11/1996 -0500, Silent Bob wrote:
>Hello all.
>	My cousin in Korea is considering buying an Audi there. . .I guess
>I finally convinced him to be one of us. But he was wondering if the cars
>sold there were made in Asia or not since there is an Audi factory in
>China and somewhere else in South East Asia.
>	Does anyone on the list know which models are produced in China?
                        Hi,I've heard that the A4s are assembled in
        South Africa and Mlaysia.
                        Tell your cousin to visit the showroom, look at the
windows,tires or
        batterry of the cars, these three things usually made in where the
cars are 
                         A4 in Thailand are CBU from German.

            you're welcome