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Chinese Audis (?)

Audi 100 (5KS) made in China - interesting  . . .

This is worth a little research by us Audinauts. Labor costs are extremely
low there, and quality of work seems to be high.

I have some experience with Chinese BMWs (Originally R-75m, WWII model,
copied by Russians as "Ural", then licensed to Chinese production), and also
with the "Politically Incorrect Special Assault Rifle", the SKS. The rifle
is well made, everything works, and works correctly, chrome bore, decent
finish (but to be fair, the stock woodworking is a little crude - but it's a
military weapon anyway). It also seems to have that indefinable quality that
Audis have: "This is a quality device that does its job unobtrusively and well."

If in fact the Chinese are making Audi 100/5000 series, this could be a
significant source of decent quality spare parts at significant savings,
even after freight and customs - remember that China still has Most Favored
Nation status (just a statement - no flame incited). 

Wondering how we could progress this from here - ask Chinese Trade Mission,

Other topic - further to my great green gobs of boiling, seething Pentosin
problem, the spare pump is almost complete. I'm making a tool to tighten the
X caps - plan to grind down a length of 3/4" hex stock - one end into socket
on torque wrench, other into X slot on cap. Will advise success or lack of same.

Still dripping Pentosin from every pore (glub),

Mike Arman