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Re: Ur-Q Brake Upgrade - New Source!

How about a domestic supplier that can get you a Willwood
Racing brake and the biggest rotor that will fit in your
wheels (15 or 16 inches)?  And how about paying less than
any of the upgrades discussed so far?

Well I was on the phone to Ron Wood of VW specialties who
is down in orange county, and he is working up just such a kit.
Ron has many years of expereince with watr cooled VW/Audi product,
and has the coolest 2.0 liter quattro rally car I have ever seen.
He does beautyfil work.  Only problem is I left his phone number
at home!  I will repost it someone is interested.

Oh yeah, Ron also bought a 82 TQC, so he will be working on his
road car, and plans to offer suspension parts for all of the 4000
series cars as he developes them.

paul timmerman