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Re: snow tire purchase

On Nov 20, 11:52am, Dan Simoes wrote:

> Another option is Tire Rack.  They would not discount at all,
> but their prices are very low.  They did suggest that you
> could save on shipping by getting a few people together and
> picking them up at one place, ie all you NH folk could get
> them at Chris Semple's.

Thanks, Dan.

This idea of saving on shipping is pretty good, though I suspect
the savings might be minimal.

But if anyone is interested in trying, I'm going to be placing
an order for four Yoko Guardex's mounted on 4 steel wheels.
I'll be calling the Tire Rack within the next few days to
place the order; if anyone is in the vicinity of Warren (work)
or Califon (home) NJ and wants to see what kind of savings we
can get, let me know soon.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q