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AllData vs. Bentley

Orin Eman wrote that some of the repair data in the All Data CD's was wrong and
that he referenced the Bentley to get the "accurate" info.

I would take this with a big ol' grain of salt.  Just cause Mr. Bentley says it,
doesn't make it so.  The info on the All Data CD's might be "different" and in
some cases I sure hope so, cause the Bentley can be wrong.  I've sort of ordered
an AllData CD, to go along with my Bentley and with my german "so wird's
gemacht" and my owners manual and this list and my neighbor and.....

I've got about a page of penciled in notes in my Bentley on where to find
things, how it is REALLY wired, etc.  I'm going to write to Robert Bentley
Publishers, Inc.  and suggest they build a "Corrections Page" on the Internet.
If they decline, then possibly some industrious lister can take on this task --
me, I'm too lazy.