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Procedure for Replacing Rear Diff Bushings (87 4000QCS)

Thanks for all the help identifying the problem with the rear diff.  Upon 
inspection last night, I found that the diff could easily be moved up and down 
and side to side without much force at all.....the large bushings that hold 
the diff to the subframe must be toast.  Now for the fun part.

I need to know the procedure for replacing the bushings.  If anyone has been 
there before, I could use some guidance.  (I know, the Bently book, but right 
now $'s are tight and time short with the ice and snow....)

Would be grateful for any suggestions, shortcuts, procedures, etc....

Rob DuValle, rduvalle@onlinemac.com

87 4000QCS 155K miles (and a real annoying sound when slowing with center diff