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Re: Spark Plugs

>I run the .99 cent Bosch silvers at .052 gap, with a modified 60,000 
>volt ignition, 10.5-1 compression, Schrick 276 cam in a 
>"big valve head", and they do just fine.
>Main reason I buy'em, at .99 pennies, I can get 10 for the price of one
>Platin! Plus the higher "non resistored" voltage ignition I run, 
>makes ANY plug errode quicker than a "stock" system!

Coupla of things.....

60,000 volts is a stock ignition on a Audi... Plug Errosion is caused by 
electrode resistance.  That's why the Jacobs Ignition works.  At The SEMA 
Show Ned Ritchie talked with "Dr." Jacobs and his recomendation for his 
ignition system is the cheapeast crappiest plug you can buy, because they 
have a high electrode resistance which allows his ignition to sense the 
tip voltage.  The Platins on the other hand are TOO GOOD For his 
ignition, Their tip resistance is so low that his ignition can't read the 
tip voltage.....

Moral of this story.  The lower the tip resistance the less errosion.  
Meaning Platins are going to last a LONG Time...... (The platins on my 
car have 40,000 miles on them and No change in gap size.......)


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO