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Re: First impression - Nokian NRW(H)

At 11:49 PM 11/20/96 +0000, Solomon Ngan wrote:
>I've  finally got the Nokian NRW(H) 195/60/R14 on my '90 90q.
>Very good looking tire, very smooth, quiet, nice riding, stable.
>No experience on snow/ice yet because it's been dry in the past two 
>One question -  the tires seem to be so smooth in turning, seems so 
>effortless (much less than the goodyear eagle aquatred).  I don't 
>know whether it is due to a lesser rolling resistant of the Nokia 
>NRW(H) , or these tires don't have much road feedback ?
>Any comment !!!
>For now I just have to wait for snow in order to test the 
>effectiveness of these tires.
>Solomon Ngan <sngan@netaccess.on.ca>
>  '93 100s
>  '90 90q20v
I've been running them in winter for about six years. I agree with your
asessment. I don't know the reason either. I can tell you they are second
only to Haka 10's in the bad stuff. I switched to these for tire life,
handling and NOISE!

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