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Re: rebadged Audi?

Silent Bob writes:
> I have another question. I was watching a BBC show and I saw a car that
> looked remarkably simliar to the Audi 5000, but it had a different grill
> and a Vauxhall badge on it. Was this some model that was licensed to
> Vauxhall, or am I mistaken. 

Vauxhall Carlton?  It is somewhat Audi-like in its silouette, but it
is definitely not an Audi.

> By the way I saw a picture of the Chinese made Audi. . .it too had chrome
> grills. . .no 4 rings on the nose either.

I don't know if you saw a one-off.  The Chinese-built Audi 100s don't
look any different than the 1984-1991 genre European Audi 100.
The same grill with the 4-ring logo, same Euro bumpers.  One interesting
thing about these Chinese Audis is that most of them are black.  This
is probably because most of these are driven by people of status in
China and black is considered a "status" color for a prestigous

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