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At 02:57 PM 11/21/96 +0700, Fredrik Thomas Moeladi wrote:
>STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
>> >Does anyone know exactly how many S2's were imported into the US  Does
>> >anybody have the actual specs on what the difference is between the S2
>> >and the regular Coupe (I know that the S2 has the superior 20V turbo
>> >motor as opposed to the normally aspirated motor).  I have only seen one
>> >that was John Buffum's which incidentally was just sold to Frank Sprongl
>> >for $125K.  Secondly does anyone know if one is for sale (I don't care
>> >if it is out of the country).
>> None were imported to the US.... Sprongl's BTW is a Fake S2....  They
>> took a Coupe and installed a turbo motor in it. NJTH
>> Later!
>> Eric Fletcher
>> St. Louis, MO
>> STEADIRIC@aol.com
>In the mean time My Team have two of Audi Coupe S2, one is The full spec
>of Group A rally car and the other one is a Group N spec. We used the
>Group A car three times in the World Rally Championship for a private
>Driver, last time we used in Australian Rally.  The Group A car use an
>Electronic pedal clutch system. 
>Both of those two car is from "Scmidt Motor Sport" German.  Our Team
>(Sexy Motorsport) bought those car in the end of 1994. 
>On behalf of our program for 1997, we are now ready to sell the Group A
>On 1997 we are going to run the Goup N car and we expect to buy another
>Group N Audi Coupe S2.
>If there is interest in the Group A car, please contact me at my Email
>adress:  Fredrik@global.net.id

Just out of curiosity, where are you located, and how much?


Achille Riviello
tel: US(405) 329-1935