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bypassing passenger airbag (resistance value)

Hi All,

With all the airbag controversy these days (which I'm not looking to get into),
does anyone know the resistance value for the airbag ignitor circuit?  In order
to bypass the passenger bag, it would be necessary to shunt the connector with
the proper resistance.  The driver bag uses a single ignitor whereas the 
passenger bag uses two, but I think the resistances are all the same.  The bag 
connector shorts itself when unplugged, so it's not all that simple to check--
plus, it's not really a great idea to be probing around the ignitor contacts 
with a regular multimeter.


Dick Meyer
Applied Research Laboratory
Penn State University
State College, PA

`94 Pearl White S4 w/ Hoppen ECU mod
formerly `91 V8 5-speed (may it rest in peace)