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96 A4Q, 83 4ks possibly for sale

Well, I'm just priming the pump here for the possible situation where I
might have to sell my Audi's.  I'm inteviewing for a position in
Switzerland, and if I get it, my babies have to go.  Anyone interested in
the following?

**96 A4Quattro, V6, 1054 miles to date, Pearl with black pin-stripe,
5-speed, Anthracite leather, sunroof, sport steering wheel, remote locks.

**83 4000s 4E, 200k+ miles, 5 speed, dark red, uns strong, just serviced
with all new belts, fuel accumulator, battery, and other misc. stuff costing
over $750.  Some slight dings, could use new paint, no rust.  Great work-horse.

Any interest?  I will hate to sell them, but if I get this job, I can buy a
*real* one!  Thanks in advance.

Achille Riviello
83 4000s, 200+k miles,
96 A4Q, 1054 miles,
HK P7M13
"In a world of compromise, some don't"--HK