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Oil usage

re: using 1 Qt/1000mi

This is within the spec printed in your owner's

While slightly high, this is also "normal" for
audis, and does not imply short engine life.
Most of my I5 engines have used ~1Qt/1500 miles

My new A6Q used about 1 Qt / 600-700 miles during breakin, 
but now has subsided to about 1/2000+ miles (after 8000 miles).

The earlier Audi/VW engines (at least) were designed to
use some oil in the valvetrain for added lubrication.
Whether you like adding oil or not, the bottom line is
that they do use oil, but they also run _forever_ (so
long as you don;t let them run low!)

I guess you're new to the list and FAQ.  It has been
noted about a million times.

PS:  has your engine broken in yet?  Did you break it in per
the directions?