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Re: snow tires

-------michael wrote-----------
Tires on it before were Dunlop D60's, the older 
 version.  Last weekend we got 13" of snow, another 4-6 today and all of 
 this is on top of a nice layer of ice.  In the last couple of days,
 Gotten stuck 3 times in the  last couple of days,

Michael- where are you anyway, Im in the IACC building.  

With all the tact I have I ask, do I take this to mean that you got 
stuck 3 times with dunlop d60a2's on a quattro?  If that is what you 
are saying maybe you should read the posts about the proposed driving
school.  I have d60a2"s on my 4ks non q : (   I have been driving in 
the same snow and I think on the same streets, also I drive 60 miles 
one way to get here.  At home we have 22" of heavy snow I drive .5 
miles with the bumper pushing snow at least twice a day (plow may get 
there today).  As of yet I haven't even come close to getting stuck.  
True I can give it a little gas and spin anytime  **I want to**.  I 
know that blizzaks are great tires, but when the ditch is full of 
jacknifed semis and my car feels very secure at 60, I'm going to stay 
with what I have.

no flames intended- JMHO