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Re: Soobie Doo - Where Are You?

Hi Steve,
The Subaru SVX is a great car. I was seriously looking at one 
prior to buying my Nissan 300 ZXTT in 1993. The SVX has a 3.4 
liter, 6 cylinder flat (boxer) engine, no turbo charging. HP is 
about 225 or so.
I am 5'10" and for me the car is a full four-seater with a pretty 
good (practical) trunk and fold down rear seat back. The car drives 
great (except real serious emergency handling) and I think it has 
really good looks.
So, why didn't I buy it?
Automatic seatbelts (dissapeared for 1994 model) and also the 
fact that I was somewhat unsure about Subaru quality (everyone 
remembers the monster XT7...).
But, quality has improved greatly (with the introduction of the 
SVX) and I think Subaru SVX is one of the most forgotten cars on 
the market and as such a great value if you can find one. Here in 
Texas they are almost given away, everyone's looking for a Lexus 
or a SUV nowadays...
Take a close look and I'll bet you'll like it.
Best.../// P-O Selander, Dallas, TX
89 100E
91 300ZXTT