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Audi TDI

>I had jury duty yesterday and after being dismissed, I hung around downtown
>Phoenix for 45 minutes waiting to pick up my girlfriend from work ... I had
>my camera ready just in case and -- ta-da! -- along comes another Audi that
>is not available in the US, at least not yet: An A4 with badges on the back
>indicating that it has a 1.9L TDI motor.  Judging from the fuel stains down
>the side of the car beneath the fuel filler door, I believe there really is
>a diesel under the hood.

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Probably 30-40% of the new Audi A4s sold in Europe are the 1.9L TDI. More rare 
are the 2.5L TDI. Also note that this TDI is different and superior to the 
TDI in the VW Golf, which is now available in the U.S.

But, on the subject on U.S. sightings, about two weeks ago I visited
one of the big three for a meeting. We chose an entrance near the test labs,
and, parked twenty feet from each other, just outside the labs were a
white A4 with the 2.5 TDI, and a VW Golf TDI. Both had "extra instrumentation"
just above the instrument panel, mostly NIXIE displays.