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RE: 91TQ 20V Brakes

I have the UFO's on my 91 200q, and as I've said before, I believe that the
original rotors are still on the car.101K miles.....most of which was probably
highway. I know for sure that the rotors have been on the car since 44K miles.

I've had it since 86K, I do have a little bit of warpage, nobody else in the car
has ever noticed it, and it is just in very light braking from high speeds. Just
about every Ford Thunerbird I've ever driven is 10x as bad.

I don't know why it is, but some of the cars with UFO's warp a lot, and some
don't, IMO, it could be due to the rotors not releasing on some, and on others
they still work just fine.

Prices (from my memory) are about:

rotors - $320 each
pads - $220 for a set

This was from Clair in Boston, MA


Paul Waterloo
Colchester, CT

91 200q

EMAIL: 74543.407@compuserve.com