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RE: Audi TDI

> I hadn't heard about a 2.5 TDI - how much power and torque does it
> deliver (and where)?

... don't happen to have the specs, but I did overhear someone saying that
Audi has postponed the introduction of the diesels in the US and is not 
taking orders due to a lack of interest here.
> Also, what are NIXIE displays?
OH ... I KNOW ... I KNOW! ... let's see if I can be the first to reply  :)

Nixie (R) displays are neon gas-discharge displays that were used for 
digital/alphanumeric displays up until the advent of the LED.  There 
were 10 electrodes in the display shaped like the digits 0-9 ... by 
applying a voltage to the proper electrode you would get a numeric 
display.  The thing that was really cool about them was that you got 
very nicely formed digits ... the downsides were related to the fact
that the different electrodes were stacked in such a way that the 
electrodes in the back were partially occluded by the ones in front, 
and as the digits were changed the values would move toward and away 
from the viewer.  They made a lot of sense in the vacuum tube logic 
days, but didn't fit in well with the lower voltages of semiconductor

I've probably still got some lying around somewhere if you want to 
see one ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)