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Re: Quattro Coupe in Denver

Mark Nelson's search for:

>1990 Quattro Coupe Mars Red with 162,000 miles on it in the Denver 
>area asking $7988(the car apparently needs a lot of work).  I am 
>trying to find the phone number of the dealer.  If anyone knows or 
>has seen this car please let me know.  By the way it was advertised 
>in the Rocky Mountain News on Friday Oct 25 - Sun Oct 27.

More info for the Denverites on this list. I looked at the car last 
month, but the driveline sounded shot. Anyway I threw out the
business card. They are on Broadway, approx 4 blks north of Hampden 
(northbound) between a vacant lot and the discount gas station.

Hope someone can recall.