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RE: Nixie tubes (was Re: Audi TDI)

I *have* actually used devices with those tubes (just didn't know the

You're right, they look way cool when counting, say, radiation numbers.
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>Subject:	Nixie tubes (was Re: Audi TDI)
>On Nov 21, 10:25am, Peter Henriksen wrote:
>> Subject: RE: Audi TDI
>> Also, what are NIXIE displays?
>	Jeez, you must be young :-) Nixie tubes are the display
>	technology of the 60's and 70's, before LED's became
>	viable.  They're somewhat similar to little neon lamps:
>	there's a separate, number-shaped tube for each digit,
>	and they're all stacked one behind the other. To display
>	a particular digit, you just turn on the lamp shaped like
>	it.
>	Pretty cool-looking, especially the fact that the numbers
>	travel up and down inside the tube :-)
>	Oh, and they're all orange ...
>	-Arun "No, I've never written a Nixie tube driver" Rao
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