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5000CSTQ - V-Belt Question


I am looking for insight into the correct v-belt sizes for my '86 CSTQ
to eliminate squealing/slipping.  The belts are tensioned properly
so I'm thinking it's  the size.

Neither Bentley nor Hayes has sizes.  The owner's manual indicates:

Alternator     9.5 x 800
A/C           12.5 x 915
Steering      12.5 x 960

I can't find these locally.

Just got a shipment of stuff from GPR including some Contitech as follows:

Alternator      10 x 825
A/C             13 x 913
Steering        13 x 992

Will the real sizes please stand up.  Where can I get 'em?

Mark Pollan
'86 5KCSTQ 204K miles and running strong but occasionally "belting"
out a tune...love it!