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Re: Wheel interchangeability

David Conner wrote:
> My 4KCSQ, 5KS and 100 each have different style wheels but they all are
> marked size 6Jx14.
> What aspects of a wheel are covered by this size designation.
> Are all 6Jx14 wheels interchangeable, with the same bolt pattern etc?
> I know from experience that these all have the same pattern.
> Dave C.
> Dave Conner, Columbus OH
> conner@cfm.ohio-state.edu
>  '87 5KS, '89 100, 86 4KCSQDave:
I have a 5KCSTQ wheels are:
6J X 15 ET45 with 5 (five) lugs

I believe 6J is width realted
15 is diameter
ET45 is offset
Don't know how to determine number of lugs or lug spacing

Springboro, Oh.