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Re: Audi Comparisons...(90CoupeQ vs. 93 S4)

>Hi Guys,
>Just wanted to post my current opinions on my two cars, now that I have had a
>significant time to evaluate the S4...

Ok.... since I have access to the exact same cars as Dorab, I'll
toss in my 2 cents here as well.

>I prefer driving the CoupeQ rather than the S4 for the following reasons:
>* sportier suspension.

Ummm.. I gotta disagree to that.  My Coupe is nice, but it has a
fair amount of body roll compared to the S4.  I'd much rather take
a fast corner in the S4 than the Coupe.... call me crazy.  ;)   My
Coupe has Yoko's on it while the S4 has Firestone Firehawks.  I
don't like the Yoke's much at all... slip slidin away in the wet,
and worse in the snow!  The Firestones are just ok as well... not
great in wet conditions, but not bad on the dry (they are USELESS
on snow... we have a second set of wheels & tahrs for that!  ;)

>* power available more readily and more controlable/predictable than the

Ummmm.... what?!   I think they are about the same in that regard. 
You just need to learn how the S4 behaves, then there are few
>  (even though it's *great* for a turbo engine) *No* boost guage to help,

No kidding...  gotta get a guage in the thing!

>* takes turns very well, less body roll.

Yes, turns well, but body roll seems less on the S4 to me... maybe
just a little. 

>* less tire noise. (due to 15inch wheels vs. the S4's 16 inch)

Well, swap the 16's with narrower 15" wheels and you're a happy
camper.  ;)
>* Trip computer vs. none on the S4

Yes, but the darn thing seems so erratic that I can understand why
they got rid of it!  I don't even bother playing with the darn

>* S4 has severe "rear view" blind spots - even more than the CoupeQ's, which
>I had really thought was bad enough!

Hmmm... never had much trouble with the S4, but the rear pillars on
the Coupe can be a little annoying sometimes.

>Why did Audi "water down" their "sport" version of the car?? It seems that
>the 1992 owners complained so much of a harsh suspension, and other trivial
>things, that the whole point of the AudiSport package was lost!

Really, the only thing lost on the 93's VS 92's was the rear anti
roll bar.  

>BTW, has anyone noticed why their gas guage on their 1993 S4 *and/or*
>CoupeQ's never goes to the right hand side fill mark? 

Hmmm... nope, ours work just fine, but my old 4kCSQ never made it
to the top.

>when you
>start accelerating, decelerating, it fluctuates between a *quarter or eighth*

I have noticed some fluctuations on hard acceleration, braking or
cornering, but it goes away in a couple seconds.



BTW: The V8Q is a lot of fun too!  :)  Great handling for such a
heavy car!  :) 

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