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RE: Power Plant for Volvo 850 Turbo

20 valves, 5 cyls and a turbo is all it shares with Audi. It even sets
in the car the wrong way. 
Just a copy cat... Like some acuras.
But wasnt that engine 'tuned' with Porsche? 

Jason Palmer 
88 5Ksquattro

Was at the local Audi dealer yesterday and saw a used 850 Volvo turbo on
the lot. In the conversation the service manager stated that the power
plant for that pocket roket was Audi. Can anyone shed some technical
light on this? I have brother in-law in San Francisco who is in love
with his old 850 turbo and is considering the new 850R. I'd love to be
able to tell him that the power plant is Audi since he traded away from
Audi to get to the Volvo!