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What a nightmare

I don't know what I've done, but Im sorry.....

As you may, or may not know, I paid a deposit on a 88 Quattro Turbo about 
2 weeks ago. Anyway to cut a long story short, and also miss out about 20 
phone calls, the garage now tells me that they may not actually be able 
to sell the car, as the guy whose car it is, who is working abroad (now 
turns out he's actually inside) has not yet given them a letter to say that 
they can sell it.....
The reason the garage have the car is that it got a scratch down the 
ROSW and they were repairing it, but while it was undergoing repair, the 
guy got sent down, and as such, has not paid his bill.....
They have not actually cashed my deposit cheque, so Ive cancelled it.

So next, I find another 88 Quattro Turbo, I ring the guy up, and he tells 
me that some guy has just rung before me, but he's not sure he can get 
the money. So he tells me, "if you can give me the money on Saturday, 
then as far as Im concerened the car is yours"
So I get all the details for the car, run it through HPI, order the cash 
from the bank.........and guess what
I ring him up this morning to just make sure its all on (as I have to 
order some train tickets) and he tells me that he won't sell it to me 
until he has got the back word off the first guy who rang.
So it looks like he's wasted 25quid of mine on a HPI check for nothing....

So if your in the UK, and know anyone who has a Quattro Turbo for sale, 
good nick, FSH etc etc, and they REALLY DO want to sell it to me ( I have 
the money in the bank), then drop me a line please....ok please please....

Tel Office: 01430 431100 (ext 282) 
Tel DDI   : 01430 488282
Pager     : 0941 104 040 (leave a name and contact number)
Tel Home  : 01430 431557 (social hours only please)

Many thanks.

Michael Burton
Systems Administrator, PA Data Design
Always buy the best PC you can afford, that way, when it crashes it will
reboot faster.