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5KTQ Suspension

I'am sure this subject has been covered many times but I missed it and can't
seem to make the archives work (too slow).  Any way I'am think of replacing
the Sachs sport springs and struts on my 865KTQ and going back to a stock
spring with either Koni's or Boge turbo gas.  Because the stock suspension
was shot when I in stalled the Sachs kit two years ago I'am not sure what a
5KTQ with stock springs and good struts drives like.  Would like a better
ride but decent handling.  Any body have a sugestion. Will I find stock
springs to soft? Should I go with Koni's or Boge? Any good sources for
struts?  Also need work on rear suspenion bushings last time I checked they
were real pricey, are any after market bushings avaiable? 

Hingham, MA
86 5KTQ stock except suspenion