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Lots of Audi being crushed!

Just thought I'd mention that Santa Fe Audi Salvage is crushing about a third
of their  Audis to make room for more cars in their yard.  They have already
gotten rid of a few 4kqs complete with suspensions and drivetrains in some
cases.  They have a bunch of 4ks, '84-'85  5ks and 5kt's that will be crushed
next week.  Most of the cars are older 4ks and 5ks with a few others.  The
stuff that sells has been stripped off, like window regs. and racks, but
there are lots of other parts still on like fenders, doors, interiors, wiring

Just thought someone might want some good parts cheap....  I'm going there

Steve Eiche
'82 Not So Ur q