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Re: Gov't on airbags

Hans-J Tannenberger wrote:
> I don't get this whole issue. As long as my kids were small
> they were NEVER EVER on the front seats. They belong in the
> second row. PERIOD. (Sorry for screaming)
> - Hans

Don't be. Every time I see some dumb *ss moron with a toddler on the
front seat I myself want to yell.
Children under the age of 12 are forbidden from occupying the front seat
in a number of European countries.
I remember how dad once got pulled over and fined for this. Since then I
was doing time in the back seat.

> > So, instead of that, the dealer is now authorized to disconnect the air
> > bags permanently. The purchaser is required to sign a waiver to the dealer
> > and to the manufacturer...

If this is true, it means that I can pull the baggy wheel off a new
(yellow-don't laugh!) A4TQ that I'll be buying next spring and replace
it with my beloved 350mm MOMO! Halleluiah!

Igor Kessel

'89 200TQ
w/350mm MOMO - mine

'88 Fox
w/350mm MOMO - wife's