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Re: Wheel interchangeability

If you decrease the offset from say 45mm to 37mm you probably also want 
to increase the width of the wheel otherwise your car is going to handle 
really bad, like very poor turn-in response. Seen those low riders riding 
around. I felt really sorry for their wheel bearings too. All Audi wheels 
has positive offset between 45mm to 30mm some of the width varies according 
to the width. If you have two 6J rims and the offset are different and 
say one is 45mm or ET45 and the other is 30mm or ET30 the 30mm one is 
going to stick out further towards the fender. Your rear wheel bearing is 
probably going to go very soon and eventually the front. I don't think it is 
going to handle any better. And it is going to look really funny

Anthony Chan, First Hill, Seattle, WA, USA.
92' 100 V6 Tornado Red.

On Sat, 23 Nov 1996, Trisha Bethen wrote:

> Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 10:00:31 -0500 (EST)
> From: Trisha Bethen <trishab@mv.mv.com>
> To: "Anthony K.B. Chan" <chan@seattleu.edu>
> Cc: David Conner <conner@cfm.ohio-state.edu>, quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Re: Wheel interchangeability
> Offset does make a difference at times.  However, you can interchange
> wheels......of course, you may want to check rubbing, etc.......It can
> also increase handling....(offset, that is)