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Audi A4 1.8t interior/exterior differentiation

I finally got a chance to look at a red Audi 1.8t, (no sports package). The
"pixel graphic" aluminum inserts are much darker than I thought they would
be and really darken up the interior. It almost gets as dark as my '87 5ks
interior does.  Don't get me wrong it looks good, but I would like it to be
lighter, to brighten up the interior a bit.  I just thought there would
have been more contrast between the black dash and the inserts. I wonder
what just plain brushed aluminum with maybe a slight pattern of Audi rings
would look like, plus throw on a  Quattro Turbo lettering by the glovebox. 

Also in terms of exterior differentiation, on this car the window trim is
the black plastic trim, instead of the chrome trim as seen on the 2.8s.  I
really liked the chrome trim, it really looks good especially on the darker
color cars, like the Europa blue I like so much.  

Also in the center stack where the HVAC and radio controls are the bezel is
matte black plastic, instead of wood as in the 2.8, it is not the "pixel
graphic" aluminum, there.  

The engine features a nice black plastic cover with "5v Turbo" lettering on
the cover. It looked good.  The coolant was also a funky pink color. Also,
anybody have any ideas how we can put an armrest back into a 1.8?  

The car looked good but with the 15" the sportiness is diminished somewhat.

BTW, I couldn't drive the car cause it was already sold.  Next week I
should hopefully get a chance to do a 2.8 vs. 1.8 drive comparison and I'll
write more then. 

Ricardo David
'87 5ks 5-speed
'88 BMW K75s