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Re: HELP! instrument light failure

>>          I'm too lazy to try to find Ned Ritchies tech tip about the 
>>instrument light failure for an 87 5000 T.Q.  Sometimes they work 
>>perfectly but most of the time(getting progressively worse) they do 
>>not even exist. I know  I'm not the only one out here that has had 
>>their instrument lights fail and I'm figuring that it's not too tough 
>>to fix them-with the parts of course. The headlights and all outside 
>>lights do still operate properly all the time-just instrument lights 
>>are toast.
>Your license Plate lamps are blown........  BTDT   You can get around the 
>problem by opening your glovebox before you turn on your lights.

Man, you just gotta love these cars!  ;)  The only thing missing in
the above 'fix' would be two chickens and 5 qts of Mobil 1 to give
as sacrifice.  ;)  hahaha!  I love it!




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