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Re: Poor Audi Parts Suppo

     phil@sievers.com writes:

 Ph> I think you have a local issue.  Even parts for very low volume and
 Ph> exotic cars 
 Ph> are relatively easy to get here.  They're not always cheap ...

     I wouldn't call it a "local" issue. Of course you can get
     parts easily in the UK...you're closer to Germany than
     some people here in the States are to neighboring (or
     should I say neighbouring) states.  Almost all Audi parts
     for "special" vehicles such as the S's and the V8's are
     never in stock. Compare that to Mercedes, just this week
     a friend ordered bearings, brakes etc. for a Geladenwagen,
     took 1 day to come in from a wharehouse in Detroit. (If
     you ever get a G-wagen, get the part numbers and order from
     an MB dealer, the "authorized" import dealer for the G-wagen
     here was marking almost all parts $100 over MB price.) There
     are probably 1000 "low volume" Audi's for ever Geladenwagen
     out there.

     Of course, if by local you mean all of North America, South
     America, Asia and a few smaller continents, then you're correct.


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