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Freak accident comment

Trish I'm terribly sorry to hear about the unfortunate accident.

Automobiles in general are only designed to take a good impact at bumper
level around the car.. I've seen way too many Audi's and Volkswagens totaled
because the impact of a collison was directed above the bumpers, the same can
be said about underneath the bumpers, the only thing to absorb crash energy
underneath is unfortunatley the engine crank shaft and the lower radiator
support ( I've bent my fair share of those ).  Hitting an immovable object
that dosen't deform forces all of the impact energy to be absorbed by the
vehicle. Such as hitting a wall.. But when another vehicle is hit it too
absorbes impact, and usually the vehicle being hit suffers the most damage.
Even though 10 miles per hour is a slow speed, there is a large amount of
energy involved.