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Plug Wires

About how long do OEM plug wires last? When should I replace them.... i.e.
at what mileage and/or after how many years?

This summer, I had one go "bad" that caused a part-throttle
hesitation/misfire (i.e. the dealer diagnosed my problem as too much
resistance in one of the wires). I am experiencing this part-throttle
hesitation/misfire still every now and then, and I am thinking that there
are other wires that are possibly on their way "out".

Therefore, I am thinking of putting in a new set. However, the dealer said
that since one plug wire alone costs $40.00, they only replace them on an
as-needed basis, individually. Hmm.... interesting, but prior to Audi
ownership, I've always replaced plug wires in sets. Yikes... I can't imagine
paying $240.00 for a set of plug wires. Is there a cheaper source, or a
cheaper (but good quality) alternative?

Have any V-6 owners out there changed their wires yet? Anyone else changed
their wires, as a set?

BTW, it is for a '92 100S with 94k miles.


                             Jim Griffin
                        Maryland, USA
"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                               '92 100S