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Re: freak accident update

> I agree.  It must have been going faster than 10mph.  I hit a parked full
> size van at about 15mph head on.  The bumpers never touched (my grill
> did).  Yet I was able to drive the car home after.  Front clip, 
> fenders and hood had to be replaced.  Other than that nothing wrong.

FYI, there is a *significant* difference between hitting another vehicle and
hitting an immovable object since the former will deform to absorb/dissipate
the energy of the impact and the latter won't.  Back in '76, I had a similar
accident in my father's Oldsmobile while spinning donuts in a parking lot --
Hey, it was covered with snow at the time! -- and it cost almost $1500 of MY
money to repair since he refused to submit a claim to his insurance company.
He thought that making me pay for the repairs might teach me a lesson or two
about respecting other people's property ... needless to say, it did!  

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