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Re: SynthTranny Oil/Spin-up

In a message dated 96-11-22 23:49:14 EST, you write:

<< Here's a simple explanation how the "spin-up" phenomena works with
 synchros: >>

Thanks Jeff for the explanation. It's got me wondering...

Before latching on to this list I had clutch and trans oil replaced at the
same time (about 20k miles ago). Ever since then the trans has been noticably
harder to shift. Including into 1st at a stop. The mechanic (private shop,
who departed a few days later) stated that he had put in synthetic trans oil,
but I didn't ask brand or type (GL4 or 5). After becoming educated thru this
list, and being usure of exactly what was in there, I replaced it with the
proper Redline but still have the same tough shifting.

With all this talk of "spin-up", I'm wondering if non-synth was in there
before the clutch/oil change and might work better in this trans which is
approaching 200k miles.

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