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Re: Audi A4 1.8t interior/exterior differentiation

Ricardo David wrote:
> I finally got a chance to look at a red Audi 1.8t, (no sports package).
> Also in terms of exterior differentiation, on this car the window trim is
> the black plastic trim, instead of the chrome trim as seen on the 2.8s...
> Also in the center stack where the HVAC and radio controls are the bezel is
> matte black plastic, instead of wood as in the 2.8....

This description is a balm to my heart. I am definetely going to get one
this Spring!


'89 200TQ in Tornado Red with:

whatever used to be chrome - got blacked out,
whatever used to be wood   - got covered with CarbonTek and grey vinyl,
whatever used to be leather- got reupholstered with lt. beige cloth.