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Re: Nokia + Audi

R. Wiratorn wrote:
>Hello, Audi in Thailand come equibed with Nokia speakers, but no radio.
>Do us-spec Audi use Nokia speakers ? I'd like to know how they sound .
>Do they good enought to work with good head-end and amplifier ?
>Should I replace it with B.Acoustic,JBL or A/D/S ?

I definetely would. Very few speakers can match Boston Acoustics, as
well as very few amps can match A/D/S.
I have been running B.A. in my last 3 cars, and A/D/S in one.

BTW, I run  excellent Nokia snow tires in the winter,and I had
ridiculously warm Nokia "moon boots" in my past life in the proximity of
the Polar Circle. They are also THE largest commercial ship yard in the
world, they are a petrochemical and electrical giant (I call them the
"Mitsubisi of Finland"), but a Nokia made Hi-Fi??? I am a bit skeptical

The only European Hi-Fi which I would rank level with American Hi-Fi is
my beloved Danish B&O. 

I bought a Nokia cell phone for my wife and it is the_worst_cell_phone
that I ever had.