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Re: quattro-digest V3 #1425

Shawn wrote:
> Why exactly is the shift lever harder to move especially in the 1 2 shift
> when shifting at high rpms, like say 5000.  I notice in normal driving
> shifting at 3k or below the lever sort of glidesinto the next gear, soetimes
> at high rpms the shift is harder to engage and even sometimes feels like it
> grinds, is this normal?  I have an a4 with 7000 miles. How can one make this
> shift smoother under hard acceleration?

If it happens on the upshift, then it sounds like you have a syncro
problem (or the clutch does not fully disengage, when you depress the
pedal). Did you say it "grinds"? Hurry to your dealer for a warranty
check-up PRONTO! Maybe they have forgotten to put oil, who knows...

If, on the other hand, it happens on the downshift, (from 2nd to 1st
@5000 rpm), then it is normal. You have to double clutch to engage the
1st at these rpms (see my yesterdays post).