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Re: 200 blower replacement

I'd guess it is the result of trying to use the same parts, year after year, 
on new models.  It's the same type of box on the 90 V8 as I had on the 86 
5KTQ.  I've changed 'em both. You are correct on the design issue.  A redesign 
costs big bucks and Audi is trying to save the $ for more interesting part 

On Mon, 25 Nov 1996, dmichael@tdh.qntm.com wrote:
>I am in the middle of replacing the blower motor in my 200 qw. I have read 
>"5000 blower" and "blower motor" faqs in the archives, and am wondering if
>there is anything differenet about the 200  hvac system (compared to the 
>that I should know about.
>In is a very frustrating design. It would have cost little to nothing more to
>mount the blower in a clam-shell that splits in a horizontal plane, which
>would have allowed one to remove the blower motor w/o removing the entire
>guts of the hvac system. Thats the way its done by at least one of the other
>german car mfgs. Grrrrrr.
>Any suggestions from those who have been there?
>Dave Michael
>90 200 qw 
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