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Re: A4 Radio

On Nov 25, 11:46am, tlazay@ultranet.com wrote:

> I just listened to the cassette tape that explains the sound

WHAT cassette tape?!?  You got a cassette?  I wonder if that's
new for '97, or if I just didn't get one.  I got a video tape
on the A4, but no cassette.  :-(

> Apparently the GALA only makes one shift in volume at 42 mph.
> They say on the tape that you can change the speed at which it
> shifts the volume, but they don't say how.

Hmmm.  I do remember that when I adjusted my GALA, that there
were *two* graphical settings as opposed to just the one that
was implied in the manual.  Perhaps one of them varies the
speed?  I set them both on max.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q