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Re: Weight of '86-'87 4000csq


> Mark,
> According to the NADA official price guide this car's weight is 2824 lbs.
> The book says this is the established curb weight as provided by the
> manufacturer
> I haven't found it either in Bentley or on the car.
> The book also shows the 86-87 4KS (non-quattro) weighs nearly 500 lbs 
> (2337 lbs).
> bye,
> Dave C.
> Dave Conner, Columbus OH   
> conner@cfm.ohio-state.edu   
>  '87 5KS, '89 100, 86 4KCSQ

I had my '87 4kcsq on a digital scale a little while back. With all factory 
equipment, floormats and spare installed, no occupants, and 17 (of 18) 
gallons of gas it weighs 2810 lbs.

The Haynes manual claims the wife's '86 4ks weighs 2100 lbs. I haven't had 
it on a scale, but that seems mighty light.


James Marriott, BSME
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