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RE: Power Plant for Volvo 850 Turbo

The S4/S6 was discontinued because it would have been to expensive to
certify the 3B engine for OBD-II with the 30v twin turbo coming up
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>  Yes, the Audi 20Valve turbo is indeed residing in the bays of all 
>Ovlov 850 turbo's. Proof is that of  both Audi and Volvo dealerships. 
>A friends dad works here in Colo. Spgs. at Penkaus Volvo-Mazda and he 
>found that Audi did in fact sell ovlovovol the spec's and plans from Audi's
>turbo. Many vlovlo dealerships may decline this fact because they 
>probably don't know.  When the 850 turbo owners think that they've 
>really got sompin great under the hood well, yes sir they do and 
>Audi's got it's name all over it- and since the early '80's when Audi 
>had the twincam 5 in the sport Quattros!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Now please 
>answer only one question- Why did Audi discontinue the S4/S6? Guess 
>we'll just have to wait for S8 or Twin Turbo V6 in the A6 -Fingers 
>      Chad Clark