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Trans (?) Spew Revisited - V8

Remember this one?  I was changing the O2 sensor over the weekend and found 
both "upper" and "lower" breather lines (rubber hoses) failed on my V8.  One 
(upper) runs across top of engine, head to head, the other from left side of 
engine (reference the driver seat) to the block.  Both were partially 
disintegrated.  Ordered both from Linda, list 44.65 and 22.15.  Should be here 
Friday.  The back hose (lower in Audi vernacular) is probably the source of 
the periodic leak to the exhaust system and/or floor & consequent smell.  
Great news as far as I am concerned.  Easy fixes.

On Mon, 28 Oct 1996, cobram@channel1.com (Cobram) wrote:
> broberg@cpg.mcw.edu writes:                                        
> RB> This is an interesting one as I, too, have a 90V8 with a unique oil
> RB> leaking  problem.  It only leaks about once per month, and only for a
> RB> few days.  The  leak is small and drips on the exhaust system forming a
>     Both mine and a friends V8Q have the same leak. ...
>     It seems to be coming from the back of the valve
>     cover, passenger side, but it's such a small annoyance that
>     haven't bothered with it yet. Although, neither of these leaks
>     actually makes it to the floor, seems to either burn (definite
>     oil smell and smoke) or probably disperses upon bathing the
>     engine or bottom cover.

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