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Re: Gov't on airbags

> Greetings,
> > >So, instead of that, the dealer is now authorized to disconnect the air
> > >bags permanently. The purchaser is required to sign a waiver to the 
> > Well, at least they're finally allowing us to make up our own minds about
> > something instead of forcing us to do it.
> According to an AP story I read this weekend, it's alleged we've _always_ 
> been allowed to disconnect the airbag. That was news to me, and ymmv.
> James
I think that is correct, you not the dealer have always been allowed 
to disconnect the airbags.  My dad wanted them disconnected on his 
new Buick, dealer said that there was nothing stopping him from 
disconnecting them, but that he (the dealer) could not do it.  The 
dealer even showed him exactly what to do, but he had to come home 
and do it himself.