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v b headlights

Frank J. Bauer                                    (818)295-4108                 
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Subject: v b headlights                                                         
igor sez:                                                                       
>I was coming back from work late Friday evening when I saw a pair of           
>extremely bright headlights (but not blinding, though), that stood out         
>in the oncoming train of headlights. They were nothing like I've seen          
>before. Unlike good high power Halogens, which are absolutely white            
>(like mine euro- H4s) those were at least two times brighter and had a         
>very distinct bluish hue to them. The car that wore them was a brand           
>sparkling new 500sel.                                                          
>What was that? Some kind of an exotic gas discharge lamp (perhaps Xe,          
>Ra, Cr or Hg vapour filled)?                                                   

then tom sez:                                                                   
>Yep, Xenon for sure. BMW, Mercedes and Audi all use them here. Slightly        
>irritating for other road users, but *very* good for visibility.               
>Available as standard on the S6 and A8/S8, optional on the A6.                 
>Mercedes pioneered them in the new E-class with the quar round lights. Also    
>pioneered plastic headlight lenses in that car BTW.                            

if you look at the road in front of a xenon-equipped car, you will see WHITE.   
(i know if you look at the light source it looks blueish)                       
the road in front of a halogen will look positively yellow in comparison.       
btw i think the mid 80's pontiac 6000STE had plastic headlight lenses.          
maybe other GM's of that vintage also used them?