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RE: Mail Delivery Problem

Hi Gang,

	This was originally "Marvel Mystery Oil" and I've been trying to
respond to Dan((GY3WSX@VM.SC.EDU), but this message has been bouncing since
last Thurs. so I'm sending it via the list...I apologize...

>       I'm a little confused.  Did you add Marvel to your gas tank, or in the
>crankcase with the oil?  I though you were supposed to add it with your oil.
>Like one quart of Marvel Snake Oil, and 4 Quarts of the regular stuff.  Am I
>wrong here?

Hi Dan,

        Sorry for the confusion: I add the Mystery oil to the oil, but only
just before an oil change; I don't run it all the time.

>       I have added Techron (by Chevron) to the gas tank before, and I was told
>to add that just before oil changes too.  Something about it seeping into the
>oil and breaking down it's viscosity or something.  I don't think I remembered
>to do that though, and car is fine, so I don;t think it's a big deal either
>way.  But, it's probably a good idea.

        Ditto, I also add Techron to my last tank before an oil change and run
the tank low before refilling it and doing the change...why risk contaminating
fresh synth.??

>       I will have the Redline in the tranny and diffs after tomorow, so I will
>tell you about it after then.  I got the MT90 for the tranny (GL4 rating) and
>the 75W90 gear oil (GL5 rating, I believe) for the rear diff.

        I'll be interested to hear what you think. I think I remember that you
are running Amsoil in the tranny and diffs. now, like I am. And I have been
thinking of trying the Redline in the tranny anyways; to see if I can get by
this not down-shifting into 1st except below about 7mph. So, please share your

                                        Happy motoring,


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