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Re: Very bright headlights

tlazay@ultranet.com wrote:
> >>Unlike good high power Halogens, which are absolutely white
> >>(like mine euro- H4s) those were at least two times brighter and had a
> >>very distinct bluish hue to them.
> I've seen them around in Boston also. I've noticed that I usually see them
> on the new 911s. Are they DOT approved?
> -Tom
> 97A4Q

Only on the 993 turbo model, and they are DOT approved.  They are also 
on most high-line cars: The new Audi A8, MB 600SL, 500SL, 320SL, 600 & 
500 SEC & SEL models, but not on the new 320E (is a option for the 
420E)  BMW have them for the 850CSi, 840Ci, 750iL model, and as a 
option for the 740.  now Lincoln Mark VIII has them too.....  It is 
the light of the future, just like ABS/air bags.....  It will trickle 
down to the mass market cars in the next few years.....

87 4QK White/Black 97K
93 S4 Black/Black 23K